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About trivago

trivago's global hotel search

trivago’s hotel search allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks from hundreds of booking sites for more than 5.0 million hotels and other types of accommodation in over 190 countries. We help millions of travelers each year compare deals for hotels and accommodations. Get information for weekend trips to cities like Bandung or Yogyakarta and you can find the right hotel on trivago. Denpasar and its surrounding area are great for trips that are a week or longer with the numerous hotels available.

Find cheap hotels on trivago

With trivago you can easily find your ideal hotel and compare prices from different websites. Simply enter where you want to go and your desired travel dates, and let our search engine compare accommodation prices for you. To refine your search results, simply filter by price, distance (e.g. from the beach), star category, facilities and more. From budget hostels to luxury suites, trivago makes it easy to book online. You can search from a large variety of rooms and locations across Indonesia, like Jakarta and Surabaya to popular cities and holiday destinations abroad!

Hotel reviews help you find your ideal hotel

Over 175 million aggregated hotel ratings and more than 19 million images allow you to find out more about where you're travelling. To get an extended overview of a hotel property, trivago shows the average rating and extensive reviews from other booking sites, e.g. Hotels.com, Expedia, Agoda, leading hotels, etc. trivago makes it easy for you to find information about your weekend trip to Singapore and see if the hotel will meet your expectations.

How to book

trivago is a hotel price comparison site with an extensive hotel search. The prices shown come from numerous hotels and booking websites. This means that while users decide on trivago which hotel best suits their needs, the booking process itself is completed by way of the booking sites (which are linked to our website). By clicking on the “view deal” button, you will be forwarded onto a booking site; from there you will be able to review and book the offer shown on trivago.
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